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A Fatigued Truck Driver Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

Tired driving and lack of sleep are major causes of truck accidents. Pressure from trucking companies to deliver cargo causes many truck drivers to skip sleep to get the job done.

Driver fatigue is an underreported problem, according to national trucking organizations. It can be difficult, however, to prove fatigue.

Sleep deprivation affects reaction time and the ability to stay awake in much the same way alcohol does. Industry reports show a multibillion-dollar investment in safety efforts; however, dangers still exist for everyone on the road. And those dangers can result in serious crashes of all kinds.

Laws Against Driver Fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) monitors how long truckers drive each day, tracks their total hours per week and enforces mandatory rest periods and breaks.

These regulations are meant to ensure that drivers work no more than 14 hours per day and drive only 11 of those hours. In addition, truck drivers must take a 30-minute break during the first eight hours of every shift.

The FMCSA guidelines and regulations also cap the maximum workweek at 70 hours. Drivers who meet the maximum hours are required to have a 34-hour rest period, including two nights between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. before beginning another shift.

Trucking companies and drivers are required to keep detailed logbooks that show their compliance with these rules. Some companies even use tracking systems that monitor the amount of time a truck is driven and how long it is stationary.

Trucking companies or drivers that are found in violation of one of these ordinances could face heavy penalties. If a trucking company allows one of their drivers to exceed the driving limits by more than three hours, they could be required to pay up to $11,000 per offense, and the driver could be personally fined up to $2,750 per offense.

How Ashenden & Associates, P.C., Can Help

Even with these regulations in place, laws are frequently broken by trucking companies and drivers who are more concerned with profit than safety.

Our Atlanta trucking attorneys at Ashenden & Associates, P.C., have years of experience standing up for victims of truck accidents due to driver fatigue and negligence across Georgia. We will evaluate the number of hours a driver should be on the road, analyze trucking logs and determine whether a trucker is at fault because of driver fatigue.

We are here to help you get the compensation and support you deserve for an accident caused by the negligent driving practices of a semi-truck or 18-wheeler driver.

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