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Types Of Truck Accidents

No matter the cause, truck accidents are always dangerous. Truck accidents may occur for several reasons, including mechanical failure, poor weather and driver error.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, please contact our legal team at Ashenden & Associates, P.C., in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Our attorneys have extensive experience working on behalf of truck accident victims and their families. Continue reading for information about types of truck accidents.

Truck Accidents Due To Brake Failure

When a tractor-trailer experiences brake failure, dire consequences often result. Because of the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks, a brake failure means that the truck will crash with a lot of force into whatever crosses its path.

If someone is injured in an accident due to brake failure or defective equipment, the trucking company or equipment manufacturer may be held liable.

Truck Accidents Due To Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are especially dangerous because they often cause the truck to lose control and travel across multiple lanes or leave the road. These types of truck accidents may also cause tire parts and other large debris to fly across the road into oncoming traffic.

Jackknife Truck Accidents

Jackknife accidents occur when a tractor-trailer’s cab and trailer form a “V” shape. These crashes often occur due to sudden or improper braking measures, poor weather or the negligence of other drivers.

Jackknife truck accidents are dangerous for not only truck drivers but also other drivers and pedestrians nearby. The velocity of a large commercial truck bending in half can be fatal for individuals in vehicles close to the truck.

Rear-End Truck Accidents

Read-end truck accidents occur when a commercial truck runs into the back of another vehicle. Because large commercial trucks are so heavy, once they pick up speed, it is difficult for them to brake suddenly. For this reason, drivers should always be aware when large trucks are nearby and take proper safety precautions to alert them of an upcoming stop.

Driver negligence may also contribute to many rear-end truck accidents if drivers are not paying adequate attention to the road and traffic signals.

Underride Truck Accidents

Underride truck accidents occur when a vehicle behind a commercial truck runs into the back of the truck and slides underneath it. Much like rear-end accidents, underride crashes can be incredibly dangerous for passengers in the vehicle that drives under the truck. To avoid underride accidents, drivers should always maintain a safe distance between themselves and commercial trucks ahead of them.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions between trucks and other vehicles may occur due to mechanical failure or driver negligence. In most head-on collisions between commercial trucks and vehicles, those in the car will likely suffer the most serious injuries. If a truck driver fails to maintain their lane and causes a head-on collision, they often cause grave injury to those in their path.

Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident occurs when a semi truck leaves the road and rolls over onto its side, often sliding for a considerable distance. As with other types of truck accidents, rollovers are incredibly dangerous for surrounding vehicles and passengers because of the massive size and weight of commercial trucks.

Blind Spot Accidents

While most vehicles have a small “blind spot,” or area where it is difficult to see surrounding cars, commercial trucks have much larger blind spots. Drivers are advised to stay clear of the rear and sides of commercial trucks to avoid blind spot accidents. One good rule of thumb to remember is that if you can’t easily see a truck’s mirrors, they can’t see you.

When passing a semi truck, always pass on the left and give them ample room before you move back into their lane.

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