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Blown Tires In A Truck Accident May Be A Sign Of Poor Maintenance

Tire blowouts on large trucks and tractor-trailers are a relatively common, yet very dangerous, occurrence on highways and interstates. At Ashenden & Associates, P.C., a truck wreck law firm based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, we have seen a variety of trucking accidents caused by tire blowouts. We want drivers to be aware of the risks to avoid catastrophic situations.

Be Aware When Driving With Trucks

When a tire blows out on semi trucks and 18-wheelers, it is much more dangerous than a typical car tire blowout due to the truck’s enormous size and weight. Blowouts can cause devastating accidents.

If a truck experiences a tire blowout, the truck driver can lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. When the tire blows out, the truck may be unable to maintain its own lane and brake – which quickly puts the vehicles close by in a very dangerous situation.

When a truck’s tire blows out at high speeds, it can also launch rubber shards and tire pieces across the road and into the path of surrounding vehicles. These shards may come in contact with other vehicles, or other drivers may swerve to avoid them, causing even further damage.

Common Causes For Tire Blowouts

High speeds and hot temperatures can contribute to the risk of a tire blowout. Many causes of tire blowouts, however, could be avoided with simple maintenance checks and inspections.

Typical causes of tire blowouts on trucks include:

  • Low or no tread on the tires due to overuse
  • Dry rot on spare tires
  • Tires on the truck are not the correct size
  • Poorly inflated tires that do not have enough air
  • Tires may be defective due to manufacturing issues.

Determining Fault In Tire Blowout Cases

Depending on the cause of the tire blowout, fault could be attributed to the driver, the trucking company or the tire manufacturer. Determining who the responsible party is in a trucking accident case can be complicated, but our experienced attorneys at Ashenden & Associates, P.C., will walk you through each step to find where fault is most appropriate.

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