We Go The Extra Distance For Our Clients

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Our Clients Are Everything

I’m Tom Ashenden, I’m a trial lawyer here in Atlanta, Georgia. I like to fight for people who think they are at a disadvantage, so I can level the playing field for them.

We really care for the people we represent and it’s easy because they’re caring people.

I find if you just sit down with them, give them the time, give them the respect that they deserve, because you’re representing them, things work out.

Leveling the Playing Field for Our Clients

We’re here to level the playing field for victims of these cases. These victims tend to be victims because the insurance companies don’t recognize what the law recognizes.

That’s when we have to go to court. That’s when we have to file suit and protect the rights of those individuals who are truly the Davids going after the Goliaths.

Georgia’s Hands-Free Law Nears Year Anniversary

Texting and driving is so unacceptable. I think what the bill, the law, the change in the law has done is really increase our awareness of how important it is not to do that.

Do everything you can to just keep that phone away from you because it truly is a horrible distraction.

Our Firm is Passionate About Our Clients

I am passionate about my family, my law practice and music. I’ve been a musician since I was 12 years old.

I played drums in bands and now I’m a guitarist. Music is something I’m passionate about and have a lot of fun with.

Pedestrian Injuries Rising Across State

It seems like in Atlanta every morning when I’m getting ready to come to the office, there’s some horrible story about a pedestrian being hit.

The number of pedestrians hit or killed in Georgia and throughout the country is rising at a disturbing rate. Our firm has handled, with great success, a lot of them.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

I have been handling traumatic brain injury cases ever since I started doing personal injury work. So I studied it and I understand the science and medicine.

When somebody has a cognitive deficit, that means they are suffering from short-term memory loss, blurry vision, forgetting where they’re driving.

The No. 1 hurdle is the plaintiff looks fine. My job is to show the jury how the plaintiff’s life has changed because of the traumatic head injury.

How We Can Help After a Truck Accident

Victims of tractor-trailer, dump truck and other commercial vehicle cases are typically seriously injured. A personal injury attorney who handles auto accident cases is not the same as a truck lawyer. A truck lawyer has to be familiar with the federal regulations.

All of the millions we recover is only meaningful if a message is being sent to these trucking companies. They need to be more prudent about the drivers they hire and the safety programs they implement.

I think headway is being made because they’re being held accountable and we are a part of holding them accountable.

Our Core Values

I think being trustworthy is a big part of it and having integrity. We have core values in this firm like honesty, diligence, earning and winning.

I think when you live by your core values, people recognize that you have their best interests at heart and you’re going to fight for them, and I love that.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

It’s definitely important for people to realize that insurance companies can sometimes work against you. They have a responsibility to their insured; they don’t have a responsibility to you.

Their insured may be the person who hit you and therefore you’re the adverse party. They will make you offers that they think will make you go away and you won’t fight it because it looks like good money because it has a lot of zeros.

A lot of times, those are not their top offers and there’s money left on the table. We’re able to work with these insurance companies and present evidence showing why a case is what it’s worth.

The standard layperson does not handle insurance claims on a day-to-day basis and that’s why you need a lawyer. These things can be complicated and that’s what we’re here for.