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PIP Insurance Georgia

PIP insurance Georgia, often called no-fault coverage or personal injury protection is a type of coverage you can add to your car insurance to cover costs such as medical bills and supplies, child care, funeral expenses, substitute services, and wages lost due to an injury sustained during a car accident. The company you choose as your provider will determine exactly which services are available to you.

Is PIP Insurance Required in Georgia?

The coverage is mandatory in some states, such as Florida, New York, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas. However, while it is offered in Georgia, it is not a requirement for your auto policy. Some states also require you to sign a waiver stating that you reject the coverage when you purchase an auto insurance policy.

Who Benefits From Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection earned the nickname “no-fault coverage” because it can be applied in the case of any accident, whether you or the other driver is at fault. It generally covers the policyholder; any residents of the policyholder’s household who are related through blood, adoption, or marriage; stepchildren; any passengers in the car at the time of the accident; and any pedestrians involved in the accident.

What are the Limits of Personal Injury Protection?

Many people opt to purchase a personal injury protection policy to help supplement their health insurance policy, particularly younger people or parents of young children who may not have as much health coverage. In many cases, it picks up where the health insurance leaves off, depending on how much coverage you purchase. In many cases, you can purchase up to $250,000 worth of personal injury protection coverage, though some states, such as Michigan, offer unlimited protection.

When to Contact an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year. If you have been in an accident and suffered an injury, lost a loved one, or you are having trouble working with an insurance company, an Atlanta car accident lawyer like Ashenden & Hollingsworth, P.C. can help. Call 770-394-8909 today to learn more and set up a consultation.