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Category: Automobile Accidents

Insurance Subrogation

Insurance subrogation is a vital concept regarding automobile accident claims. This legal process allows an insurance company to step into the shoes of the insured

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Diminished Value Claim

What is a diminished value claim? Our Sandy Springs car accident attorneys explain how to file a diminished value claim, how to calculate diminished value, and how

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Airbag Injuries

Airbag injuries occur during car accidents. While a car’s airbags provide crucial cushioning for vehicle occupants in the event of a car accident, in some

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Ford Death Wobble

The Ford death wobble, or Ford Super Duty death wobble, is a manufacturing defect experienced by Ford truck drivers. The Ford Motor Company has done

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PIP Insurance Georgia

PIP insurance Georgia, often called no-fault coverage or personal injury protection is a type of coverage you can add to your car insurance to cover

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Highway Hypnosis

Have you ever been driving, and once you reach your destination and park your car, you realize you can’t remember parts of the drive? Or

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