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Types of Car Accident Injuries

There are many different types of injuries you can suffer following a major car wreck. Ashenden & Hollingsworth, P.C., based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in handling cases involving catastrophic car accident injuries, such as injuries to the spine, neck, brain, etc.

The legal team at Ashenden & Hollingsworth, P.C. has created a list of common car accident injuries, and wants to help you get full compensation for these injuries. Read on for more information, or contact us today for a free consultation.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is commonly caused by a forceful impact to the head. These brain injuries are often a result of side-impact crashes, as well as frontal and rear-impact crashes. Some symptoms of TBI include concussion, seizure, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and more.

Post-concussion syndrome is also a condition that can develop after a traumatic brain injury, such as that sustained in a car accident. It’s characterized by a range of symptoms that persist beyond the typical recovery period for a concussion. These symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating.

Post-concussion syndrome can significantly impact daily life and may require ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation. Victims of car accidents who experience these symptoms should seek medical attention promptly and consult with a qualified attorney to explore their options for seeking compensation for their injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Disc and spinal cord injuries are another severe type of injury that often lead to long recoveries, or even paralysis. Herniated discs are pieces of the spine that have become dislodged, ruptured, or slipped. When they are moved out of place, they press against the spinal nerves, causing extreme pain.

When the spinal cord is injured, sometimes the nerves that are responsible for transmitting signals to the brain are damaged. When the brain cannot receive and send these signals, motor functions may be temporarily or permanently disabled, sometimes even resulting in paralysis.

The lumbar area of the spine contains the five largest vertebrae in the spine, which also provide support for the rest of the spine. An injury like strain to the lumbar section can damage ligaments and muscles that help individuals lift and bend. Daily activities may become hard to accomplish if this type of injury is sustained.

Internal Trauma

Internal trauma can be the most severe form of car accident injuries due to their lack of outward appearance. Impact from items inside the car and other objects that may puncture the body can cause internal injuries. The spleen, liver, heart, and other vital organs may become damaged.

Additionally, internal bleeding may not be apparent right away, so it is important to seek medical attention immediately following a car accident. Internal damage could worsen resulting in critical conditions or even death.

Other Common Car Accident Injuries

Broken glass and other object inside the cabin of cars or from outside materials can cause lacerations that may affect any part of the body. Burns also are fairly common due to seatbelts moving across the skin, airbag injuries from deploying or hot fluids that run through cars’ engines and parts.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disorder caused by traumatic events. PTSD can cause individuals distress years following a traumatic car accident. Individuals may relive the events of accident, be afraid to drive again, or suffer from night terrors and other issues.

The knees and hips, may be damaged when a car is crushed or rolled. The hips and pelvis may become dislocated, requiring surgical plates and screws. Legs, ankles, and feet are also prone to painful fractures in car accidents.

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