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What should you expect from a traumatic brain injury?

There are few things as devastating as a sudden, traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries can change a person’s life in a moment, making it hard for them to do the things they used to love. They may no longer be able to work or support their families. They may struggle to walk, speak or interact the way they did before.

Traumatic brain injuries vary in severity, so what you should expect after one will depend on the specific prognosis. However, in any case where you’ve been hurt, it is reasonable to look into making a claim for compensation, so you can have the financial support you need as you recover.

What to expect as you heal from a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries have to be stabilized in the hospital first. Once you receive immediate care for the injuries and are stabilized, the risk of secondary damage will be lowered. Expect diagnostic testing and rapid treatments for the injury in the hours after the collision.

Once the injuries are diagnosed, the medical team has to take action. You might have surgery right away, or it could be delayed. Medications may be prescribed to relieve pressure on the brain, too, or to treat symptoms like nausea or headaches.

After you’re stabilized with surgeries or medications, your recovery begins. Some people start out in comas, so their brains can heal with medical teams monitoring their recovery. Others will be awake and start recovering from a less acute stage.

Going home after a brain injury

When it’s time, you go home after an injury. This transition can be difficult, because many new adjustments might need to be made. For example, some people can’t speak well after an injury and may need to use handheld tools to communicate. Others might need medical aids, like walkers, to be able to get around their homes.

Rehabilitation is a major part of most people’s recoveries. Your rehabilitation team will work with you to help you get as well as possible. In the meantime, you should look into making a claim against the at-fault driver who hit you, because getting compensation could help you cover the expenses related to your injuries.