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Why Is Drowsy Driving Dangerous?

Whether it is due to driving home after a double shift at work or leaving a study session at the tail end of an all-nighter, it is not uncommon for motorists to share the road with fatigued drivers. Unfortunately, there are few outward signs that could point to a driver in another vehicle who is drowsy. They might swerve in their lane or have trouble maintaining the proper speed, but the realization might come too late. Is it possible to stay safe when sharing the road with a drowsy driver?

Drowsy driving, much like drunk driving or distracted driving, pulls attention from the safe operation of a vehicle. An individual’s perceptions are blurred, their reactions are slowed, and they might not recognize road hazards until it is much too late to react. Motor vehicle collisions can lead to severe injuries or fatal crashes.

The National Sleep Foundation published data they recorded in a poll called Sleep in America. Sixty percent of the respondents admitted to driving while feeling sleepy and 37% admitted to having fallen asleep while behind the wheel. Part of the problem echoed by the Foundation is that people simply cannot tell when they are about to fall asleep. Drowsy drivers likely feel as if they are in complete control of the vehicle one second and the next, they are asleep.

Unfortunately, there might not be a way for other drivers to spot and react to a drowsy driver on the road. Outside of spotting someone yawning over and over again in the next lane, the shock generally comes in the form of a collision. It is best to remain vigilant in observing the road and other drivers. Do not hesitate to seek monetary compensation for your injuries.