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Car Accident: Should I Get a Lawyer

The very first place you want to call after a car accident is your lawyer. Following that, you may need to call the police and a loved one to give you a ride, help calm you down, or just for moral support. Even if you think it’s overkill to call your lawyer, the reasons below will make it clear for you that the lawyer may be the most important person you call.

  1. Protect yourself.

    With all of the reports of police brutality circulating the Web, it should be obvious that you need to call your lawyer before you call the police. Things can go wrong very quickly and sadly, you need to treat every situation as if you are defensive driving your life. Make sure your lawyer knows exactly where you are and what police department you are calling. In some cases, depending on the details of the accident, you may not even need to call the police, but that’s something your lawyer will help you determine.

  2. Get the process started.

    If you were at fault, have an issue with your license or driving record, or have some other reason to think you might land in jail, your lawyer needs to know about it. The sooner he or she knows about the situation, the sooner the lengthy paperwork process can start.

  3. Get instructions.

    Your lawyer can guide you through the next step in the process. For instance, you might feel the accident is your fault and you might be tempted to say so, but your lawyer my see the folly of such a gesture. On the other hand, there may be elements that your lawyer wants you to clearly describe to the police, like a branch grown over a stop sign.

  4. You may have unknowingly violated a law.

    There are some bizarre driving laws on the books, laws you may not even know about. For example, screeching tires in Kansas won’t just get you a ticket. It can get you 30 days in jail. Many states have other bizarre laws you may not know about, but your lawyer will.

  5. Get help with other services.

    Your lawyer doesn’t just represent you in court, but can also represent you in life. Suppose you were on your way to the first day on a new job. Who is your employer going to believe when they call to say you have been in an accident, your buddy, who is half awake, or your lawyer, whose number comes up on the caller I.D. along with a professional attitude? Your lawyer can help you document exactly when the accident happened so you don’t suffer outside consequences on top of the accident itself.

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