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How can I be a safer bicyclist in Georgia?

Anyone who enters the roadway knows that the risk of a colliding with other travelers. As a bicyclist, taking extra precaution is extremely important, even if you have all the padding and the highest quality helmet in the world. This is because you still aren’t as protected as other vehicle operators that you ride alongside.

Bicyclists can attempt to be as many steps ahead of potential risks on the road as possible. This can start with how you choose to dress for your ride, the moves you make on the road and understanding essential state biking laws.

Dress the part

When you gear up for each ride there are small details that can add to your riding outfit and bike to help increase visibility. This includes wearing bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night. It’s also useful and lawful to add a white light to the front of your bike and a red light to the back of your bike for nighttime riding. And even though the law doesn’t require bikers above the age of 16 to wear helmets, they can be the difference between a few scrapes and a traumatic brain injury if you were to get in an accident.

Move with caution

Like driving, you can try and prevent accident by implementing defensive riding tactics. This means avoiding behaviors that you know are dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bicyclists can be more cautious by:

  • Putting down distractions
  • Driving with traffic and not against it
  • Avoiding rough terrain
  • Obeying all street signs

Georgia law classifies bicycles as vehicles, meaning following the rules of the road aren’t just suggestions, rather they are requirements.

Follow the law

Following other state laws can also make for safer riding, like:

  • Keeping drinking and biking separate activities
  • Never riding recklessly or aggressively
  • Not transporting other people on your bike
  • Signaling with your hand when you make turns

In general, establishing a presence on the road and maneuvering with the same mindset you’d have as a motorist can help you steer clear from a dangerous collision.