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Look Twice: Motorcycles on Georgia Roads

Motorcycles on Georgia Roads

Whether driving through busy Metro Atlanta or up to the North Georgia mountains, motorists must watch for motorcycles.

According to a 2017 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle fatalities reached a nine-year record. More than 5,200 motorcycle deaths happened on American roads. That represents a 5.1 percent increase over one year.

Men are in fatal motorcycle crashes 10-times more than women according to statistics. Moreover, motorcyclists deaths over age 50 are higher than any other age group.

Motorists  should allow additional distance as well as double-check mirrors and blind spots.


In the state of Georgia, motorcyclists and passengers must wear helmets. The law that has remained unchanged for nearly 50 years. The CDC indicates the risk of serious head injury drops by 69 percent if using a helmet.

Injuries and damage to property can be extensive, so if you are involved in a wreck contact Ashenden and Associates, P.C.