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Dangers at the Swimming Pool

dangers at swimming pool

Escaping the oppressive summer heat in Georgia often means time at the swimming pool.

However, the cool relief comes with dangers too. Know the risks whether it’s public pool or down the street at a neighbor’s backyard oasis.

The Centers for Disease Control reports about 10 people drown everyday. The number one cause of unintentional death in children. Add that alarming statistic to the 5,000 people per year treated at emergency rooms for injuries sustained at swimming pools around the country.

Contributing factors for these cases include poor swimming skills, objects or debris in the water, medical factors, and lack of supervision. Excessive alcohol consumption is a factor in over half of adult water recreation injuries and deaths.

Moreover, pool owners have a responsibility to make sure their pools are safe. They must be maintained, and properly guarded such as with covers, gates and fences as well.

Outside, slippery conditions and improperly stored equipment can lead to injury as well.

Ashenden and Associates, P.C. Can Help

Ashenden and Associates, P.C. wants you to have a safe summer and enjoy the swimming pool appropriately. However, if you have been injured at a swimming pool or believe a wrongful death has occurred due to the negligence of another party, our firm can help. Contact us about your situation.