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A trip to remember: Tom’s visit to Chile

Just returned from an incredible adventure to Chile with my bride, Beverly.

A trip I will surely never forget; I wanted to share some of the amazing sights we discovered during our 11 day journey. Let’s start with in the air.

This picture was taken out the window during a helicopter ride Beverly and I took. Certainly it was thrilling to get so close to the snow covered mountains at that altitude while also taking in the incredible beauty.

Beverly and I will always treasure the moments we spent together and with our friends from Highlands, North Carolina and Atlanta. Taking in the vastness and majesty of the country’s mountains, it’s natural lakes, and the sea, are fond memories we’ll never forget.

And the weather was practically perfect! Sunshine and blue skies held out for 10 of our 11 days.

You can see Beverly enjoying the view at Taurus Del Payne National Park.

Music is a passion of mine, and this happy picture really says it all. Beverly snapped one of me sitting-in with a Chilean guitarist: a man who can play at a level I could only hope to achieve.

Closing-out our trip in Chile’s capital, Santiago. A bustling modern city with rich history and architecture. We found the perfect spot to enjoy some local wine, delicious cuisine, and time with friends.

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