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Driving Tips to Help Motorcyclists Stay Safe

When driving on Georgia highways and roads, it is important for motorcyclists to take extra precautions to stay safe. The experienced attorneys at Ashenden & Hollingsworth, P.C., have compiled a list of three precautions motorcyclists should take to help avoid injury.

Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear, such as a leather jacket and helmet, can help prevent serious injuries if you’re ever in an accident while on your bike.

It’s also important that passengers wear protective gear while they are riding on a motorcycle. For example, if you are bringing someone out on your bike with you, make sure you have an extra helmet that fits them before heading out.

Ride Defensively

Remember, your bike is much smaller and less protective than other cars on the road, and not all drivers check their blind spots before changing lanes or turning. Motorcyclists need to be extra alert, keeping an eye out for cars that suddenly change lanes or pull out from side streets.

Keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you is important as well, ensuring that you have enough stopping distance and so you have enough time to react to obstacles on the road. For instance, the vehicle in front of you could straddle an object that you don’t see, causing a serious hazard on the road.

Stay Updated on the Forecast

Rain or snow can cause seriously dangerous driving conditions for any driver, but especially for those on a motorcycle. The most dangerous time to be on the road is right when rain or snow starts falling, because it causes the residual oils to rise to the surface, making the roads extremely slippery.

Driving in the rain means you’re going to have limited visibility, reaction time, and grip with your tires. If motorcyclists must ride in the rain, remember these tips: avoid making sudden maneuvers, leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles on the road, and be especially gentle with the brakes, throttle and steering to avoid sliding.

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