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Tips for Staying Safe with Bicyclists on the Road

Sharing the road with bicyclists can be stressful, especially when most roads do not have bike lanes. Here are a few great tips for keeping everyone safe from the experienced bicycle accident attorneys at Ashenden & Hollingsworth, P.C., in Atlanta, Georgia.

Slow-Moving Vehicles

Cyclists are considered in most states to be drivers of vehicles. Treating them as you would a slow-moving vehicle with its hazard lights on is a solid base for interacting safely with them on the road. Drive carefully and be patient.

Passing Bicyclists

Though getting stuck behind a bicyclist can be irritating, you should never pass until it is absolutely safe to do so. Make sure you can see any oncoming traffic a good distance ahead, so you can pass without colliding with anyone.

It is important to give bicyclists space when passing, and 2 feet should be the minimum distance between them and your vehicle at all times. Even if you don’t hit them, the drag created by your vehicle as you pass can knock them over.


Whether you’re turning left or right, it’s important to never underestimate the speed of a cyclist. Make sure you absolutely have enough time to turn before the cyclist reaches you, no matter which direction either of you is going.

Using turn indicators is a key step in avoiding collisions; it warns cyclists and other drivers of your intentions to they can adjust accordingly.

Backing Up

When backing up make sure to look in all of your mirrors before putting your vehicle in motion. One cursory glance may not be sufficient, as bicycles are smaller and harder to see than many other vehicles on the road.

This is especially important when backing out of driveways. Neighborhoods and other residential streets may have groups of bikers and children who might not always be able to see your car back out.


After parallel parking along a road, make sure to look in both directions before opening your door. Failure to see a bicyclist can result in a potential painful, high-speed collision.

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