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Do I need an attorney after a trucking accident?

If you’ve recently been involved in a trucking accident, it may be tempting to forego legal representation in an effort to save a few bucks. But just like with any other personal injury case, your legally determined responsibility (and possible subsequent compensation) is dependent on how well your side of the story is told, and on whether you understand exactly what damages to seek. The assistance of a dedicated personal injury lawyer is invaluable here, lest you fall into the traps of persuasive insurance companies urging you to quickly “settle” on unfair terms – or worse, to accept liability for an incident that wasn’t truly your fault.

Signs that You NEED Professional Representation

The other party denies responsibility – if the insurance providers are claiming that the other driver(s) aren’t at fault, you’re looking at a battle to prove that you’re entitled to anything at all – possibly even a court date. And you can bet that those insurance companies will have a dedicated team of professional lawyers on their side. Don’t handicap yourself right from the start by fighting on uneven ground.

You’ve suffered a serious injury – many people simply underestimate the lasting effect of their injuries (even relatively “minor” broken bones), and don’t even attempt to get the true amount of compensation they deserve. A good personal injury lawyer understands how these conditions can continue to impact your life over the coming years (and even decades), and will fight to make sure you are remunerated appropriately.

You are pressed for time ­­­– representing yourself in an automotive accident claim requires hours of in-depth self-study on topics like “rules of the road” and legal precedent – and even then, your level of expertise will still be below that of the opposing side’s lawyers, who likely boast years of practical experience on top of their scholastic education. Better that you benefit from the established knowledge and abilities of a professional.

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