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What Type of Lawyer Do I Use for a Trucking Accident?

Although trucking accidents only make up about 3 percent of all traffic accidents, they usually involve more serious damages.  Because a victim of a trucking accident can not only sue the driver, but possibly the trucking company as well, it is very important to get a professional attorney involved.  Ashenden Law has nearly 30 years of expertise in truck accidents in particular, and we have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients in this area. As the premier personal injury attorneys in the Atlanta area, we will make sure your rights are protected and fight for your optimum settlement against the powerful insurance companies that cover most trucking companies.

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Personal Injury Attorney

Because trucking accidents in particular usually involve a negligence factor that must be proved, it is of the utmost importance to choose a law firm that specialized in personal injury claims instead of a general practice firm. In fact, according to an article entitled “Run of the Mill Justice” by Stanford Law School, so called “settlement mills” have grown in prominence across the country in the past three decades. Often spending lots of money on billboards and television commercials, these law firms will usually not take the time to get you the best and proper outcome in your case, but will push for a fast settlement, take their cut and move on to the next case. Because we specialize in both traumatic personal injury cases as well as wrongful death suits, Ashenden Law is prepared to go the long haul on your behalf, maximizing the compensation you receive for being the victim of a trucking accident.

What Types of Damages are Involved in Truck Accidents?

Your compensation for being involved in a commercial truck accident can include a wide number of losses. Medical bills from any personal injury are first and foremost on the list, as trucks often cause devastating injuries on those involved in crashes with them. The driver and the trucking company can also be held responsible for damages to the vehicle, which are also often quite considerable. Time lost from work due to the accident itself can also be part of the compensation as can loss of earning capacity due to permanent injuries. The best thing to do if you are involved in a trucking accident is to contact the personal injury specialists at Ashenden Law right away at (770) 394-8909 for a free consultation and legal advice.