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Choosing the Right Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured and are seeking just compensation for the personal injury in Atlanta, it’s imperative to choose an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to manage your case. In 2012 alone, almost 3 million workers in the United States suffered a personal injury at work. That doesn’t include personal injuries outside of work. That means that a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t have experience has missed out on plenty of opportunities. Of course, experience isn’t the only thing that matters.

Review Their History

Normally, you go to any kind of service person because you got a referral. A friend suggested you use them, you read some great comments about them, or maybe you even happened to notice someone talking about them on social media sites. A lawyer is no different. You need to know he or she is reliable, and you aren’t going to find that out in the Yellow Pages. You can’t always rely on online reviews either.

Check for grievances.

When clients have issues with their lawyers, they have the option of filing a grievance with the bar association. Look to Georgia’s Grievance Commission to see if the lawyer you are considering has had any recent filings against him or her. If so, take a look at the details.

Review court records.

If your local courts have their data online, you can go online and search the records to learn about some of the cases your potential lawyer has filed and how they turned out. Only 4-5% of the personal injury cases filed in the United States ever actually make it to court. Of these, 98.5% settle before the jury reaches a verdict.  Settlements are often reached before the trial because it’s in the best interest of the parties involved.

When it comes to a lawyer, personal injury or not, find a lawyer who actually listens to you. You aren’t there to get lectured or hear about what you could have or should have done. You are there to hire someone who works for you and is interested in working things out to your benefit. An Atlanta personal injury attorney who is interested in doing a good job is actually going to pay attention to what you have to say and be sensitive to your needs and situation. Turn to lawyers who have the experience needed to maximize the value of your personal injury case, like those at Ashenden Law. In fact, visit the Ashenden Law website today to learn more about your personal injury case options.