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10 Tips to Avoid a Boat Crash

A 2012 report revealed that the number one cause of boating accidents was “operator inattention.” While it would seem to be obvious that you need to pay attention when you are operating anything with a motor, there are plenty of other reasons for boating accidents. Use the tips here to avoid boating accidents whenever possible.

  1. Avoid alcohol and drugs.

    It takes much longer to execute a maneuver in a boat than it does in a car because you have to allow for the force of the water. Drinking and driving doesn’t make sense, but drinking and driving a boat makes even less sense since there are more challenges.

  2. Take a boating safety course.

    There is more to operating a boat than getting it from point A to point B. A boating safety course can help you with the details.

  3. Use a map to navigate.

    Using a map allows you to see where sandbars, rocks, and other dangerous zones are so you can avoid them instead of hitting them at top speed.

  4. Sit where you are supposed to.

    There cannot be enough emphasis placed on balance when it comes to a boat. They aren’t designed for seating to look good. The seating is designed with safety in mind so for example, no one is sitting on the bow when the waves hit.

  5. Follow navigation rules.

    There aren’t any yellow lines to guide you.

  6. Only let experienced navigators operate the boat.

    The second highest incident for boating accidents is operator inexperience.

  7. Allow ample time for turns.

    Your boat can’t turn on a dime, period. You need to allow for enough time and room to make the turn unless you are purposely trying to flip the boat or reduce the number of passengers in a hurry.

  8. Use proper lighting.

    Make sure all your lights work and you have all the lights that you should. As mentioned above, people can’t make a quick turn to avoid hitting you when they don’t see your boat until the last minute.

  9. Slow down.

    Unless you’re on a water ski trail, there is no reason to go top speed. Even on a ski trail, you have to be careful to pay close attention to other boaters.

  10. Pay attention to the weather.

    High waves and poor weather conditions, like foggy days can be dangerous for boating. Before you take the boat out, take a look at the boating conditions for the area you plan to visit.

To learn more about how you can avoid boat accidents or the penalties for careless boat operation, visit the Ashendon Law website.