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I was Injured Due to the Negligence of a Truck Driver, What are My Options?

If you are the victim of a negligent truck driver there are several options that you have at your disposal. Believe it or not, one option that is exercised far too often is to do nothing. There are people who will sustain considerable injuries due to the negligence of a truck driver and simply leave it up to the insurance companies to settle the claims. The first thing that anyone that is injured in an automobile accident should do is contact a personal injury attorney.

The Importance of Legal Counsel

Leaving the details of the case up to your insurance company or attempting to settle the case on your own – which are real options — exposes you to losses that you may not be able to recoup later. Speaking with an attorney will provide you with adequate counsel and someone that is legally obligated to represent your best interest.

A personal injury attorney will know where to begin in examining the specifics of your particular case. They will also know how to recognize higher-level negligence. For example, the company that hired that driver could be held responsible for your accident as well. If a company hires a driver that should not be driving a commercial vehicle, and it can be proven that they had reason to suspect such, they can be held accountable for any accident caused by that driver.

Proper Medical Examination

Another mistake made by people injured in accidents is not seeking immediate medical treatment. The proclivity to shake it off could lead to undetected injuries that could be serious or even life-threatening. Whether you feel that you are injured or not, you should go to a medical facility to be checked out by a physician.

Not only will this initial examination protect you from any further injury, it will provide the documentation of any injuries that may have occurred as a result of the accident.

Avoid Rushed Settlements

Your attorney will most likely advise you to avoid any rushed settlements. Initial offers from insurance companies are generally well below what would be considered fair. Many times financial issues will entice people to take settlements that are far too low. Subsequently they end up with ongoing medical issues and other costs that they don’t have sufficient funds to pay for.

In some cases, your lawyer may be able to provide temporary relief from certain financial strains based on the projected outcome of the cases.

There are a number of options, but the best option is to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.