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The Most Common Work-Related Accidents

For most people, employment is a necessity when it comes to paying the bills and making ends meet. However, what many people do not realize when they accept a job offer is just how likely it is that they may someday be hurt on the job. Of course, the likelihood of this occurring varies depending on the specific industry one is in, but it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of individuals are injured on the job each year. This article with outline some of the most common work-related accidents and injuries.

    1. Slips and Trips

      This is by far the most common work-related accident across a variety of fields. Most of the time, these accidents are caused by slippery surfaces. This could be anything from a bathroom that was recently mopped but has no “wet floor” sign to a spill that was not properly cleaned up. Regardless of where you work, it is important to be careful where you walk at all times and be on the lookout for spills or “wet floor” signs that indicate a potential slipping hazard.

    2. Falls

      The most common instance of accidents involving falls occurs when climbing a ladder is a regular part of an employee’s routine. This is especially common in retail when employees attempt to carry a bulky item up or down a ladder in storage or on a high shelf. However, this is also common in workplaces with stairwells, as all it takes is one little slip to fall down the stairs and suffer potentially serious injuries. Practicing safe ladder-climbing practices, such as always keeping one hand free and having another employee to hand heavy items off to, can help reduce the chances of such an injury happening to you.

    3. Repetitive Strain Injury

      This refers to injuries that are caused by making the same motions over and over again, such as lifting, hauling, or bending over. These types of injuries are typically the result of worker fatigue and are most common in jobs that involve a lot of manual labor, such as in factory jobs. To avoid these kinds of injuries, it is vital that all employees take breaks every so often when performing manual labor. Breaks, by law, should be scheduled and allowed every several hours.

    4. Burns

      Most burn accidents involve the preparation or serving of food, making these injuries the most common in the restaurant business. Burns can range from first degree to third degree, depending on the severity. Of course, these can also be caused by chemical exposure or a fire in the workplace. Since burns can occur out of nowhere, it is always good to know how to properly treat one to avoid further injury.

    5. Crashes

      Many jobs these days require employees to drive company vehicles, whether they be traditional cars, forklifts, cranes, or any other type of moving vehicle. Crash injuries can happen when two vehicles collide or when a moving vehicle hits a stationary object. These accidents can result in serious injury, especially with vehicles that are moving at high speeds.

If you have been a victim of any work-related accident, it is vital that you receive the medical attention that you need. Furthermore, you may wish to seek help from a lawyer.